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Startseite Kontakte Erotik Erotische Massagen Erotic Massage in Göttingen, Hannover,... (Göttingen, Zentrum)

Erotic Massage in Göttingen, Hannover, Kassel

Erotic Massage in Göttingen, Hannover, Kassel - Göttingen 
Body-to-Body-Massage, Lingam-Massage, Nuru-Massage, Ölmassage, Schröpfkopfmassage, Tantramassage
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ja - FI

Hello, I am a 24 year old Masseuse. If you need some relaxation after a tiring working day then feel free to try my service. I am Indian and I can provide you with a wonderful experience of Tantra with the help of my exotic natural oils and scrubs. I work only in Göttingen, Hannover , Kassel and in the surrounding areas. If you live 10 kms away from the city center in Göttingen then you will have to pick me up and drop me back please. In case of Hannover and Kassel, you will have to pick me up and drop me from the central train station. My minimum booking for Göttingen and the surrounding areas is 1 hour but for Hannover and Kassel it is 2 hours please which means 1 hour of massage and 1 hour intimate sex. Please read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) underneath so we don’t have to waste our time in answering questions , we can straight forward jump to your relaxation.


Do you speak German?
Yes a little bit , I can try my best to converse in German.

How long is the massage ?
The massage lasts for 1 hour , the shower time is not included in this hour together or separately ;)

How much does the massage cost ?
It’s costs 100€ for 1 hour of my service . No additional costs in this one hour.

What is a happy ending ?
It means a blowjob ;)

Can we also have sex together ?
If you are still aroused after the message , yes we can have some wild sex but for an extra charge of 60€ for added 30 mins which makes the total 160€ for a 1.5 hours date. But this applies to only Göttingen and surrounding areas. When you are in Hannover and Kassel, then our minimum booking is for 2 hours which means 1 hour massage and 1 hour intimate sex. And this costs 200€ .

What does the massage involve ?
It starts with a massage with a natural salt scrub and then after the first clean up we start with the oil for better absorption into the body and hair and end the massage again with a nice scrub. The head/hair massage is optional and if you do not like oil in your hair we can avoid that.

Can I include the sex and massage in the 1 hour?
No, the massage takes full 1 hour and it can not be shortened. Plus let’s not bargain, I do put in hard work and good material in the massage and would like that to be appreciated.

Can we just have sex for 30 mins and skip the massage?
Absolutely not! It’s a package of massage with sex 100+60. But you are free to only choose massage.

Can I touch you?
Yes of course you can touch me during the massage. Touching and Licking is allowed but no fingering please, gets me distracted ;)

What do I need to do before the massage ?
Just take a shower because it is a naked massage it’s the best that we both are clean and hygienic. You will need to have big towel ready and I’ll get the rest.

Do I need to have any massage materials ?
No , I will bring my materials with me. In case you are allergic to certain oil or certain natural ingredient please let me know in advance.

How do you look like?
I am soft and curvy, tanned with brown skin. I have 70H natural breasts and a handful of buns down there ;)

Are there additional transport charges ?
If you are in or nearby göttingen and willing to pick me up and drop me back then there are no additional charges. But the transport should not exceed 1 hour, beyond 1 hour there will be transport charges. Just write to me your location and we will see what we can do.

Can we visit you?
Unfortunately not, but I can come to you at your place , in a hotel or at your office.

How do I make an appointment ?
Just write to me here or sms me in the number provided . I will need a picture from you , your address where you would like to have the massage and your phone number .

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